Once upon a time, there was a hotel facing the lake

It all starts with a story

It was in the 1940s when Anna Alba Brighenti's parents decided to buy Brenzone, a hotel directly on the lake. It quickly became a reference point for everyone who wished to savour the sweet life of Lake Garda. One of the illustrious guests of the first years of activity was Tazio Nuvolari, legendary racing car driver remembered by enthusiasts as the "Flying Mantuan". Anna Alba's father helped him dock his elegant Riva motorboat, an icon of the time, at the pier in front of the 'hotel. Photographs from the 1950s show the guests who reach Brenzone aboard a VW beetle with the convertible top down and hair blowing in the breeze, the photo conveys the atmosphere that reigned on the banks of Italy’s largest lake.


Attracted by Mum and Dad’s vocation, when it was time to decide which career to pursue, Anna Alba had no doubts. In fact, no job could have given her the same satisfaction as that of the family hotel. More than a choice, for her it was a passage of succession; in what can be defined as the natural flow of things, her life partner Giancarlo and son Pietro were also involved.