“Al Vapor”: our historical restaurant on Lake Garda

The flavours of the territory to savour… with a view

The dishes in our restaurant on Lake Garda are the most authentic expression of a philosophy based on two fundamental themes: genuineness and simplicity. Through the dishes prepared with care and imagination by our chef, we aim to render your holiday even more special. While savouring a delicious lunch or a romantic candlelight dinner, time will pass at a pleasant, relaxed pace. Turning your gaze towards the outdoors, you can admire the beauty of this panorama and of the characteristic pier where, a century ago, steamships used to dock: hence the origin of the name of our restaurant "Al Vapor " ("by steamship"). Glimpses of a romantic era, whose echoes survive in the dishes of the Garda tradition. Still today, we offer these specialities on our menus to guests, to suit every palate.


Your host is Pietro, ONAV certified taster who, besides his name, also carries on his grandfather’s example with professionalism and dedication as head of the Brighenti family, to manage our boutique hotel with restaurant on Lake Garda. He will recommend the perfect accompaniment from fine local and Italian wines for the seafood based dishes, without forgetting regional specialities and Mediterranean cuisine, all with the precious addition of Brenzone extra virgin olive oil.

So, take a seat and let the delicious journey begin to the origins of goodness...